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Fum Robotics Lab
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Robotics Lab is located in engineering department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad under supervision of Dr. Alireza Akbarzadeh Prof. of mechanical department. This place was made with the aim of improving robotics attitudes in students to be more efficient in their future academic life. Generally speaking here we seek something more than making a simple robot!
Here we learn how to work Hard, How to make a nice and remarkable team works; we learn how to listen to our teammates and how to be a purpose man.
Here we feel the real Power.
Here we pass the state of Art.
Here we don't just relay on the simulations, we make dreams to reality!
There are lots of available positions for those who want to learn something new.
Our major concentrated activities are as below: 

  1. Mechanical Design including simulation and then making that simulated parts.
  2. Electronic Design including making electronics circuits for controlling robots which mainly involve Microcontrollers
  3. Programming the Robots and Microcontrollers on the electronic boards
  4. Simulating the robots and doing some tests and then transferring these experiences to our robots.

 Since now we've been working on many kinds of robots including: 

  • Parallel Robots:  3PSP Robot, spherical Robot, and Stewart Platform
  • Wearable Robots 
  • Medical Robots 
  • Mobile Robots: mine Sweeper Robots, micro Mouse Robots, Survival Robots, Line sweeper Robots
  • Industrial Robots: Scara Robot
  • Bio-inspired Robots: 2D and 3D Snake Robots